Fundraising for our future

The Legacy Wall

Each generation counts, 1st, 3rd or 6th. Once each generation, Pembroke members have to come together to fundraise to invest in the club, for their immediate use but also to leave something valuable for the next generation. It is that time again. Funds raised will go towards improving existing facilities and building new ones.

The Legacy Wall fundraiser is a twist on the familiar ‘buy a brick’ concept and, as we don’t actually need any new bricks, we are going to use the existing wall of the stairwell leading up to the bar door and arrange for a professional artist to paint a mural.

Each brick represents a EUR500 contribution to the capital projects fund and guarantees that your name will adorn the walls, leading up the stairs and up into the bar for a minimum of 5 years. Each brick can be painted with a main text (your name, your family name, your team or group's name) and a subtext.