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Go to practically any hockey club and the Goalkeepers hardly get a mention. At Pembroke, we have almost 6 hours of dedicated goalkeeper training per week across the age ranges from Under 10’s to Under 16’s.

We cater for all abilities from Under 10 to Under 16.

If you wish to join our Goalkeeper Academy or simply just want to try out Goalkeeping, please dont hesitate to contact Deirdre on 085-2345169 or send us an email

Give it a go!

Pembroke are always looking for new Goalkeepers so if you just want to "give it a go" this is just for you.

This is how it works we will give you a full training session as a goalkeeper, where you will be given the basic skills and of course you will be given the opportunity to play a training match.

Goalkeeper Gear

Pembroke supply keepers with up to date kit for Club games and training. This gear is looked after and we make sure all goalkeepers have gear that fits and gives them the maximum protection.

You can of course buy your gear in Pembroke from ED Sports. Make sure you check if he has any Pembroke deals going.

Specialised Goalkeeper Training

Our GK training sessions are not “kill the goalkeeper sessions”. We focus on getting the technique right and how to transfer the good technique to match play.
•    Kicking Technique
•    Hands: Stick & Glove
•    Coordination and Reactions
•    Short Corners
•    Shot Stopping
•    Footwork & Fitness for Goalkeepers
•    Diving
•    Video Work
•    Ball Machine
•    Block slides/barrier


Goalkeeper Coordinator:
To be confirmed

Boys Coach:
To be confirmed

Girls 5th Class - 1st Year Coach:
To be confirmed

Girls 2nd Year - 4th Year Coach:
To be confirmed

Boys Training Times

Friday Evening

Under 10 Boys & Under 12 Boys:
18:45 - 19:15

Under 14 Boys & Under 16 Boys:
19:15 - 20:00

Girls Training Times

Sunday Morning

5th Class Girls & 6th Class Girls:
10:00 - 10:30

1st Year Girls:
10:30 - 11:15

2nd Year Girls:
12:00 - 12:45

3rd & 4th Year Girls:
12:45 - 12:30

Contact Us

Manager / Designated Person:
Deirdre Waters

Assistant Manager
Simon Watchorn

Goalkeeper Coodinator

To be confirmed